About Us

How StormyLee Salon & Spa came to be an uptown salon with a small town feel!


Our Story


E ven as a child, I dreamed of having a salon! The beauty industry always caught my attention. From fashion trends to the glamorous lives of celebrities, there was always something new and intriguing drawing me further in.

In my teens, I started to realize there were people, ordinary people, creating the celebrities looks from head to toe. And that’s when it hit me…this was what I wanted to do!  I decided then and there, I would be a part of this industry and help make people look and feel beautiful!

I love this industry more each day!  We are day makers!  We touch people in ways that other professions cannot. Being able to serve our guests in this way makes them feel good from the inside out and is amazing gratification for both, our guests and service providers.

So why Osseo?  I used to drive down the streets of Osseo to and from work every day. I was struck by how “alive” this small town was.  I loved the old fashioned “main street” with lots of dining experiences and unique shopping boutiques. I decided it was the perfect location for a salon and that’s how “StormyLee Salon & Spa – The Uptown Salon with the small town feel!” came to be!

Mission Statement

At StormyLee Salon & Spa, it is our focus to be an industry leader by providing our guests with an unparalleled salon experience.  With continuous education on fashion trends, product knowledge, and customer service, we ensure that the services you desire will be “EN VOGUE”. At StormyLee Salon & Spa, we will also incorporate your five sense to balance your inner and outer beauty, thus, bringing you into “AESTHETIC CHI”. On behalf of StormyLee Salon & Spa, we would like to thank you for choosing us as your salon.

We would love to have you as our guest!

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